Base Operations

Product Lead
Android (Java), JS/HMTL5/CSS3, Flask/MySQL, Python, Cordova, AWS
Developed and launched a mobile application for a summer pilot in Mexico City
  • Takeaways: Created MVP app. Reached 600+ customers; used feedback to develop product roadmap
  • Created an algorithm that takes crime data and generates a colored heatmap, which among other features helps people safely navigate their cities
  • Developed the User Interface/User Experience
  • Setup the servers and developed a RESTful API backend
  • Developed an algorithm to scrape Twitter and the Internet for security events
  • Created development/production/deployment scripts and general documentation
Led a team of 5 interns for a January Sprint to add additional features
  • Takeaways:
    • Developed a native Android App from scratch with undergrad interns
    • Interns accepted internships for Spring based on their experience
  • Planned and specified tasks
  • Integrated work into a final product using Git
  • Debugged issues in all areas of development
  • Mentored undergraduate interns of varying experience
  • Incorporated the work of external contractors (designer, data scientist)

ICHOM – TechHub

Full-Stack Developer
Wordpress/PHP/MySQL, HMTL5/CSS3/JS
  • Created filter/search functionality, polished UI/UX, made build/production scripts, etc.
  • Added internal tools like Google Analytics and content-management features

MIT Media Lab – “Vid Annotate”

Full Stack, Sole Developer
ReactJS, Flask, MongoDB
  • Developed “contextual comments” - comments that correspond to and are displayed in context of a particular part of a video
  • Overlaid the comments on top of Youtube’s interface via a Chrome extension
  • Added a dynamic bar graph to the videoplayer’s time-bar to reflect comment volume

Elance / Upwork

Free Lancer
  • Worked as a freelancer on varying projects and accumulated an 88% rating.