E-Waste... A big issue

The Problem

So, you’re camping outside of your local phone store, hoping to get your hands on the newest iPhone that’s come out. There have been commercials running on TV advertising its slightly better screen, and though it’s not much of an improvement, you wouldn’t dare miss out on the very latest piece of technology. You’re so excited that you completely forget about your old phone, which has just reached the end of its one year life span, to be thrown away forever. Your old phone is called “E-Waste”, and as it turns out, throwing it out has some pretty detrimental effects.

  • Handling E-Waste - Learn about what happens when you dispose of technology improperly. The effects on both the environment and you!
  • The "Distant" Future - Learn about the long term effects of E-Waste through research and models, predicting the “distant” future.
  • More Solutions - Learn about simple, local tasks that you can do to address the problem of E-Waste in your community and world wide.
  • Sources - Check out the sources that we used to create the content used in this site.